Wall Liner To Cover Paneling

Wall Liner To Cover Paneling – what is wall liner ? , did you ever heard about wall liner ? , wall liner is a thick wallpaper that you can use before applying wallpaper but can also be used over old smooth walls that aren’t smooth anymore the paper enables you to make them smooth again

Wall Liner To Cover Paneling

I used wall liner in my parents basement over paneled walls. It works great, but a few suggestions! I never use prepasted anything, it doesnt work right imho, and i book the liner (and any wallpaper) longer than suggested as it sticks better!


Just another thought, I’ve also used thick, textured wallpaper (I know it has a name but can’t think of it right now) to cover uneven plaster. That type of wallpaper is currently in my family room as the previous owners used it to cover the 70’s paneling. I cannot see the lines of the paneling at all.


How to hang lining paper

Wall Liner To Cover Paneling – Fold the wet or pasted strip of wall liner in an accordion pattern with the glued side facing inward; this makes the strip easier to handle while hanging. Start in a corner at the ceiling and hang the liner along the edge of the horizontal line. It should be flush with the edge of the ceiling, but it may be necessary to overlap the edge and cut away the excess after installation if the ceiling is not straight. Continue hanging strips in the same manner until the wall is covered, butting each strip up against the next so the seams are as small as possible.